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Raven Strategic fills a critical gap in personal and organizational development. Everyone deserves access to the best resources and expertise. Our experienced leaders, subject matter experts, performance coaches, and public speakers provide comprehensive, custom-designed programs and courses.

Meet Our Founder

Sebastien Lavoie

Uncommon Against The Uncommon

Sgt Major Sebastien Lavoie, a highly respected retiree of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, brings an incredible depth of practical leadership experience. He spent 16 pivotal years in the tactical arena, of which seven were dedicated to leading a team that operated at a high tempo, facing situations where any lapses in leadership, communication, or performance could lead to catastrophic outcomes. His hands-on experience in high-stakes environments has uniquely equipped him to understand and address the challenges of performance and leadership in the most demanding contexts.

Sebastien is highly sought-after as a leadership mentor, strategic communication specialist, and public speaking coach. He is renowned for his scientifically backed yet practical approach to boosting individual and team performance. His innovative methods have been described as ‘revolutionary’ and have consistently proven effective across diverse settings.

As the dynamic CEO of Raven Strategic Inc and a regular contributor to The Collective on YouTube, Sebastien’s influence extends well beyond his direct engagements. His insights have graced over 70 podcasts, including the notable platforms of He Cast, Behind the Shield, and Silvercore.

Suppose your ambition is to elevate your performance or that of your team, to develop strong interpersonal communication skills, to transform into an inspirational speaker, or to lead your team with unmatched effectiveness. In that case, Sebastien Lavoie and his team of expert coaches at Raven Strategic Inc are the resources you need.

Why Choose Raven Strategic

Our Services

Leadership Development

Designed under the Introspective Leader Program, our leadership courses for individuals and teams are customized to help you effectively train and develop your team. Taught by our highlighted experienced leaders, we give you the tools and techniques you need to maximize your leadership potential.

Our leadership courses are divided into three parts:

Increased competence:
You will learn the importance of introspection in leadership, and understand how to cultivate a mindset that promotes self-awareness, enhances communication skills, and boosts competence.

The final part of the program focuses on building organizational resilience and establishing a culture that promotes wellness and optimizes team performance.

Public Safety Course Development

Our public safety courses cater to foreign police agencies and security forces operating under challenging conditions and in austere environments. Custom-designed for every client and built by policing and security experts, our public safety courses are divided into two main areas:

Custom Course Development:
Our team of experts and their associated network create state-of-the-art training courses to meet your specific needs. Spanning actress various modalities of public safety, we build courses to the highest and most current standards.

Security Consulting and Training:
Available for high-risk areas and training for qualifying NGOs operating abroad. We can help your organization navigate challenging security situations and create a safer environment.

Performance Lifestyle Coaching

They are designed to help individuals optimize their life’s journey. Our performance coaches team delivers the program, specifically chosen for their demonstrated abilities to mentor, develop, guide and support people at various stages of their personal journey. Complete discretion is assured; we leave no stone unturned to help you realize your full potential.

Mental Optimization Coaching

  • Improves mental clarity and focus
  • Enhanced cognitive performance
  • Development of effective strategies to overcome mental barriers

Emotional Optimization Coaching

  • Improves emotional intelligence and resilience
  • Better management of stress and negative emotions
  • Cultivation of positive emotional states for overall well-being

Physical Optimization Coaching

  • Improved physical health and wellbeing
  • Development of healthy habits related to diet, exercise, and rest
  • Creating a custom road map toward a healthier lifestyle
Public Speaking Programs

Designed to help you master the techniques used by successful high-level speakers. Whether you aim to engage in public speaking or improve your communication abilities, our custom-built courses are tailored to your needs.

Individual Public Speaking Development

  • Master the art of public speaking and effective communication
  • Learn the techniques used by successful high-level speakers
  • Enhance your personal and professional life by improving your communication skills

Team Public Speaking Development (available on request)

  • Improve the overall communication skills of your team
  • Enhance teamwork and collaboration through effective communication
  • Increase team performance and efficiency
Public Speaking Services

We will bring our wealth of knowledge and experience directly to your audience.

Motivational Speaking
Our talented team of expert speakers come from various backgrounds and have inspired people across multiple fields.

  • Designed to inspire and uplift your audience
  • Promote personal and professional growth among your team or
  • community
  • Create a positive and uplifting atmosphere

Guest Appearance Services

  • Available for seminars, conferences, workshops, and training sessions
  • Guest speakers are experienced in providing valuable insights, engaging audiences, and enriching the value of your event

Podcast Guest Services

  • Engage your listeners with exciting, informative discussions with dynamic and engaging guest experts.
  • Add value to your podcast episodes with credible, experienced guests
  • Increase the appeal of your podcast with high-profile guests

Expect Excellence Every Time.

A holistic approach to personal and professional development.

We understand that each organization and individual is unique, so we custom-design every course and program to align with their specific needs and goals.

Raven Strategic empowers individuals and organizations to reach their highest potential. We do this by ensuring clients have the tools and knowledge to successfully navigate their personal and professional lives.

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